A Noble Initiative By H.RISHABRAJ GROUP

The innovative genius of H Rishabraj gave birth to – Let’s Restart, the solution provider fordelayed and stalled projects.

With our legacy and expertise, we have achieved good number of projectss. We value our patrons with our dedication, determination, and timely delivery of projects that make us one of the most preferred developers and re-developers in the industry. We aim to establish new bars for ourselves by developing projects that are par excellence.

Lets Restart is a promise to redevelop the projects which have been stalled for various reasons. Our aim with this initatives is to make realty a reality for everyone.


Mumbai, the city of dreams has a skyline that is etched in the dreams and desires of billions. Panoramic views of the Arabian Sea, emerald greenery smiling from every corner and mesmerising scenery all across. How wonderful does this all sound & it surely is for those who own homes in this majestic city. Among the millions who do own homes here, a stark reality lurks underneath.

Most projects are in dire need of revamping or construction work on booked projects is stalled. This shatters the precious dream of millons who wish to live the ultimate life in this city of dreams.

Is there no respite in sight for such scenarios? Is there a possbility of a saviour emerging from the very belly of this magnificent city to help fix this huge problem? Well, the answer is a resounding Yes! The innovative genius of H Rishabraj gave birth to a revolutionary brand in the year 2020. We are Let’s Restart and Welcome to the ultimate solution provider for delayed construction projects.